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About us


FITLVL was only an idea that grew into a dream. After many hours of research and reflection aiming to stand out in the clothing industry, we have come  to the realization of this large-scale project.  FITLVL wants to distinguish itself with a self-acceptance mentality.

The main idea behind the term FITLVL is simple: No matter your style, your discipline or even your level of progression, the clothes  will adapt to your needs. We have created

an  almost perfect intermediate between sports clothes and everyday clothes. From this mentality arises our interest in emphasizing the differences of each individual through our slogan




The sizing chart listed on our store is based on industry standard sizing.  This chart relates to approximate body measurements for each size. As the sizing of individual garments does vary, this chart should be used as a guide only.
Because every body is different we are not able to recommend sizing for customers which is why a sizing chart has been provided to be used as reference to assist you in making the best choice.
ANY QUESTIONS? Please contact us!